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The red Anthurium is the perfect Christmas flower
for tropical countries

The Anthurium is available as a cut flower and as a pot plant. With its green leaves and red flowers, it can be used as Christmas decoration very well.


The best way to water your plants: 4 tips

     Watering plants, it can be quite a thing. Because no matter how well you follow all the given advice, sometimes a plant dies. And that’s not surprising, because one plant needs more attention than the other. That’s why we listed four tips that will help you find the best way to water your plants. Good luck!

The best way to water your plants

1. Make one person responsible

If you make someone responsible for watering the plants, they will never get too much or too little water. And besides that, you know who to talk to if a plant dies anyway. 😉

2. Don’t water your plant because it’s ‘time’

Make sure you get to know your plants and discover how often every single one of them needs water. That always works better than sticking to watering twice a week because you’ve read that somewhere.

3. Drain excess water

If a plant gets too much water, it can rot. Therefore, pour away excess water after half an hour, or place your plants temporarily on a draining board.

4. Use water at roomtemperature

If you give your plants ice-cold water, they will startle. Especially if they’re originally from a tropical climate, like the Anthurium and orchids. Therefore, use water at room temperature.

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