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a.b.t.'s varieties are protected by breeding property rights for plant production.
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Plant materials created by a.b.t.(Antilles Bio Technologies) are either:

Registered at "A.O.H.E." (European Association for Breeders in Horticulture).
All the varieties created by a.b.t.

Protected by breeding property rights, certified by "comity of protection of new varieties" of French Minister of Agriculture.


  • var. "Madikera white"
  • var. "Ninette"

Holotype of some new plants are deposited at "Institut de Botanique de Montpellier", France and Isotype at muséum d'Histoire naturelle, Parc floral, 97200 Fort de France, Martinique (W.I.):

  • Alpingera martinica

Subjected to publication in scientific international reviews, in particular in the American Review "HortScience" 1997, 32(5):914-915:

  • The Intergeneric hybrid Alpingera martinica

Liste of publications

Use of intergeneric hybridization and mutagenesis to go ahead to new colours of Alpinia purpurata (Ginger lily). 2010. Proceedings of the 23rd International Eucarpia Symposium Section Ornamentals "Colourful Breeding and Genetics" Part II. Acta Horticulturae, no. 855, p.131-136. Féréol, L., Guitteaud, M., Luc-Cayol, F.

Creation of a white inflorescence colour cultivar of Alpinia purpurata through the combination of intergeneric hybridization and mutagenesis. 2008. International Symposium on Induced Mutations in Plants, 12-15 August 2008 Vienna, Austria, IAEA/FAO. Féréol, L., Luc-Cayol, F., Guitteaud, M., Luce, L.

Vers de nouveaux coloris pour Alpinia purpurata. PHM Revue Horticole, vol. 381, p. 43-45. Féréol L., Luc Cayol F.

X Alpingera martinica (Zingiberaceae) : an intergeneric hybrid between Alpinia purpurata and Etlingera elatior . 1997. HortScience, vol. 32, n. 5, p. 914-945. Luc-Cayol F., Féréol L.

Effects of gamma radiation on in vitro plantlets of Alpinia purpurata.1996. Journal of Horticultural Science, vol. 71, n. 2, p. 243-247. Féréol L., Louis S., Luce L.

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