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White Torch Ginger

White torch ginger

Etlingera elatior / Torch Ginger

    Etlingera elatior (Jack) R.M. Smith, common name “torch ginger”, belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. This ornamental plant is grown for its beautiful and big inflorescence which is used for floral decorations and flower bouquets. The common name of “torch ginger” come from the striking resemblance of the inflorescence to a flaming torch. This inflorescence reveals a central, pinecone-like structure consisting of many small tight bracts that form the ‘flame’.
     When mature, the torch ginger blooms all along year under the tropics.
     Torch ginger is a popular cut flower in many areas around the world.

    Torch ginger is available in different varieties giving three main colours, namely, pink, red and white. The pink variety is the one that is the most floriferous which is followed by the red and white varieties.

    Red torch ginger grows hardy to Sunset's Climate Zones 16 through 22. It grows best in part shade or full sun. Other varieties prefer a part shade area.
     Torch ginger thrives in soil that is well-drained and moisture retentive. Soil is best amended with liberal amounts of organic matter such as compost. The plant would also appreciate a layer of organic mulch consisting of dried leaves or compost around the root zone.
     Additional feeding will promote growth and should be done using organic fertilizer.

    Fortunately, the torch ginger is relatively pest-free and disease-free plant. The most common pest is perhaps the grasshopper that chews along the leaf margins.

Tulip Torch Ginger

Tulip torch ginger

Red Torch Ginger

Red torch ginger

Pink Torch Ginger

Pink torch ginger

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