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Pot plant pink ginger

    Antilles Bio Technologies (a.b.t.) is a company specialized in breeding of ginger lily (Alpinia purpurata and Etlingera elatior). Also, it carries out production of plants of ginger lilies, torch gingers, orchids, cooking banana, pineapple, sugar cane and yam using tissue culture.

    a.b.t. offers different varieties coming from its breeding program, particularly the white ginger lily (Alpinia purpurata - white) var. "Madikera white", mini varieties of ginger lily for flowering pot plants var. "Ninette" and "Rougette", fushia ginger lily (Alpingera martinica); torch ginger white and torch ginger tulip.

    This breeding program is a constant "work in progress", so other new varieties are in perspective.

Alpinia purpurata

Mini Pink Ginger Lily for

pot plan var. "Ninette"

Pot Plant Pink Ginger Lily

Alpinia purpurata

Miin Red Ginger Lily for

pot plant var. "Rougette"

Pot Plant Red Ginger Lily

Alpinia purpurata

White Ginger Lily

var. "Madikera White"

White ginger lily



Etlingera elatior

White Torch Ginger

White Torch Ginger



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