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a.b.t.'s varieties are protected by breeding property rights for plant production.
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General terms of sale

    Antilles Bio Technologies (a.b.t.) can provide varieties plants in peat "Plugs". If this plant conditioning is not allowed into certain countries due to phytosanitary legislation,“Tissue culture plants” can be delivered instead.
     There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ). Nevertheless, you should consider, in case of few plants order, that shipping and phytosanitary certificate cost would increase unit cost.

Concerning "Plugs"

    a.b.t. provides the plants in: one plant size standard 7-10 cm, 1 plant per plug, peat medium.

plug Plant height

7-10 cm

Plants per plug 1
Medium Peat

Concerning “Tissue culture”

    a.b.t. delivers the young plants in plastic container: plant size 4-6 cm, 2 plants per plastic container, tissue culture medium “basical Murashige and Skoog”

tissue culture Plant height 4-6 cm
Medium Basical MS medium

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